Friday Faves

Happy Friday, everyone!

We’ve had an ugly, rainy, cold week here in Missouri. Of course, cold means 65 degrees right now, so it’s really not that terrible. It’s more the lack of sunshine that gets me down. After weeks of basking in natural light from dawn ’til dusk, it’s pretty depressing to have all the lights in the house on at 3 o’clock in the afternoon! Fortunately, it’s supposed to be 90 degrees and sunny all weekend, and I can’t wait!

Today, I am linking up with Heather at Life in Leggings to share my favorite things. Here’s a look at my Top 5 from the past week:

Team USA. How amazing was that Women’s World Cup final? As an American, I love seeing our teams dominate in international competitions. As a sports fan, I love when games are action-packed and emotionally charged. And as a female athlete, I love when ladies not only get to showcase their talent, but also get the attention and recognition they deserve. #SheBelieves!

Cooler weather. Yes, I know I just said the weather this week was miserable. But it’s been awesome to get outside and work out without drowning in sweat. I am taking advantage of one last day of cool weather and meeting up with my friend Tara for a 10-mile run. Tara’s running the Rock’n’Roll Chicago Half Marathon next weekend, so this is her last big training run. I’m so glad she invited me!

I loved these Sperry Top-Sider Virginia sandals from Zappos!

I loved these Sperry Top-Sider Virginia sandals from Zappos!

Zappos. Here’s some simple math: 1 girl. Size 11 feet. Town of 4,000 people. What doesn’t add up? For me, any hope of finding good shoes that actually fit! Thank goodness for Zappos. I’ve been shopping for a high-quality sandal to get me through the rest of the summer, and thanks to their free overnight shipping, free returns, and great customer service, I’ve been able to try some fun options. I loved the look of these Sperry Top-Sider Virginia sandals, but they were just a bit too small. No worries–I have a size up coming to me in the next 24 hours!

Clean, bright lilies helped brighten my days

Clean, bright lilies helped brighten my days

Fresh Lilies. Nothing beats fresh flowers! They really brightened up the house during this dreary week.

Delicious cherries, you bring me great ZzzzZzzz's!

Delicious cherries, you bring me great ZzzzZzzz’s!

Cherries. First off, cherries are finally in season. I can’t get enough of their sweet taste! Since we’re in school right now, Hubs and I aren’t following our typical “Army regimen” that beings with waking up at 4am and results in falling asleep at 9pm. While we love this little spell of freedom, we also have fallen waaaaay off the boat in terms of having a good routine. A few nights ago, I went to bed at 11 and was STILL awake at 2am for no good reason. This week, I’ve been trying to get back on a (slightly less strict) routine. I’ve also been enjoying a handful of cherries every night to get some melatonin in my body and help me drift off more easily. It’s a good excuse to keep my supply of cherries up, right?

Do you have a nightly routine? What helps you fall asleep when your mind absolutely refuses to shut off?

Thanks for reading!



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