Thinking Out Loud #2

Happy Thursday! The week is almost over–yipee!

I’m linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons for Thinking Out Loud today. Today’s musings:

1. I am so excited because I only have ONE class today and will be done before lunch! It’s definitely nice to be back in school, but between classes, homework, and just general living, my days are pretty full.

My view this weekend...I'll take it!

My view this weekend…I’ll take it! (SOURCE)

2. Fortunately, I am heading out on a mini-vacation this weekend. One of my best friends is getting married in October, so we’re celebrating her bachelorette weekend! Her maid of honor set us up with a house on Lake Michigan, and we’re going to celebrate with some quality girl time. On my drive up, I am picking up friends who are flying in from Alaska and El Paso, Texas…seriously, my  girlfriends are amazing, and I can’t wait to spend the whole weekend catching up!

3. Speaking of my awesome friends…many of you may not be following this, but the military is really working to open more doors for women lately. One of the headlining issues has been sending female Soldiers to the notoriously-male Ranger School. Ranger School is historically the most challenging school the Army has to offer. It’s 61 straight days of intense training, patrolling, sleep and food deprivation. Each “phase” is 20 or 21 days long, and many Soldiers have to repeat one or more phases in order to graduate. Just over twenty women qualified for the chance to attend this spring, and last week three highly qualified women passed the first phase and moved closer to graduating. I personally know one of the three, and she is not only tough as nails but also an awesome person! Please keep these women in your thoughts and prayers as they complete this journey.

The watermelon in Afghanistan didn't look this good, but it taste like a million bucks!

The watermelon in Afghanistan didn’t look this good, but it taste like a million bucks!

4. Now, speaking of military things…I had a little flashback yesterday while slicing some watermelon. At this point in 2013, I was deployed to Afghanistan. And it was HOT. I had one particular mission in June where my unit was about 100 miles from the nearest base for 6 days straight. We could not get enough water! Even though we had water air-dropped daily, it wasn’t super satisfying at 100+ degrees. One afternoon, an Afghan man pulled up with a truck of watermelon and started bartering with us! Every Soldier had something different to give the man–pens, energy drinks, Skittles, instant coffee–but everyone ended up with a watermelon! That had to be the absolute most satisfying watermelon I ever ate in my life!

The very last Krispie Treat :(

The very last Krispie Treat 😦

5. And finally, since Amanda’s hosting today: Your Protein Rice Krispie Treats are awesome! I made them with Cascadian Farm Honey O’s instead of rice cereal, and Hubs and I devoured them! Definitely a keeper!

Are you a beach person, or a lake person? I prefer the beach in the winter, but I’m a lake girl in the summer!

What’s the most refreshing thing you’ve had this summer? 



2 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #2

  1. Is it weird I’ve never been to a lake? I’ve only grown up on the ocean so that is definitely my preference. I’m with you on watermelon – I had some after my long run last weekend and I couldn’t stop eating it. Can’t stop won’t stop! Have a fab day : )


  2. That story about the watermelon bartering is hilarious 😆 I’m betting it tasted amazing though. Heck, watermelon has been tasting crazy good to me all summer, and I’m not even dealing with dessert heat. Oh, and I’m a lake/mountains girl for sure. The beach is nice in small doses, but… sand 😡


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