Friday Faves #2

YAY! We made it! I’m headed to my friend’s bachelorette in a few minutes, and I can’t wait!

Thanks to Heather for today’s link up! Counting down some of my favorites from this week:

1. Missouri sunsets: Since it’s been so hot lately, I’ve been escaping from the house around 8:30 every night for a quick walk. It’s the perfect time of day–it’s calm, slightly cooler, and the lighting is so beautiful!

Sunset in Missouri

Sunset in Missouri

2. My American flag tumbler from Wal-Mart. First, the disclaimer: Wal-Mart is basically the only large store within 45 minutes of my home. I really do appreciate having one here, but I can’t wait to have access to more shopping again! I found these tumblers in June when Hubs and I went to Table Rock Lake outside of Branson, Missouri. They were perfect for keeping drinks cold on the boat, but for some reason we ditched them after we got home. Well, I found them again over the weekend and haven’t stopped using it!

Hydrating, American style.

Hydrating, American style.

3. My philosophy: truthfulness. I ordered this philosophy my philosophy: truthfulness scent from Sephora last week, and it came in on Tuesday. I love it! It is sweet and fruit, and not overpowering at all. I am very, very happy with this purchase. I also love that Sephora lets me select three samples every time I make an online purchase, and I even got a bonus sample beauty mask!

IMG_15714. Silk Almond Creamer: For the past four years, I’ve been weaning myself off coffee add-ins. Ha. But really…I used to load it with Splenda and creamers. Last fall, I cut out Splenda and other artificial sweeteners, and started using honey. And recent, I kicked the not-so-wholesome creamers for this Silk Almond Creamer. It is super creamy, and subtly sweet. There’s only 6 ingredients, all of which I can pronounce! While I hope one day to actually enjoy a cup of black coffee (again, ha), I’ll take theses little improvements for now!

IMG_16055. Iced Cinnamon Zucchini Muffins from Picky Palate. I mention that I got a massive zucchini in my Monday post. And after three straight days of zucchini for dinner, it was still there. So I whipped up the Picky Palate’s Iced Cinnamon Zucchini bread in muffin form. These are delicious! The cinnamon flavor is perfect for breakfast, and the glaze feels so indulgent. 

Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend!



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