Weekend Recap

Happy Monday, everyone! I’m linking up with Her Heartland Soul for a Weekend Recap today!

It was definitely a hot one here in Missouri! Friday wasn’t terrible, but by Sunday it nearly hit 100 degrees!

I started my Saturday with a quick trip to the local farmer’s market. I was super bummed to learn that blueberry season has ended in Missouri, but I did snag a few pints of blackberries. I also got banana peppers, green beans, a yellow squash, and a massive zucchini!

Farmer's market

Mini farmer’s market haul

When we got home, I went to our basement gym and did a modified version of the Crossfit workout Fran. Typically, Fran is 21-15-9 of 65-pound thrusters and pull-ups. Since a) I definitely can’t do 21 pull-ups and b) We don’t have a good place to hang the pull-up bar in our current home, I did TRX rows instead of pull-ups. I finished with 50-30-10 hand release push-up and sit-ups. Hubs joined me to suffer through 3 sweaty miles around the neighborhood. We have a fitness test coming up, so we needed to do a few short, fast runs to prep.

Then, I moved on to the most dreaded activity of all–cleaning out my closet! With another move on the horizon, it was time to purge a little.

Results of the closet purge

Results of the closet purge

I spent a SOLID 2 hours in my room cleaning…sorting…trying on…and finally dumping 2 boxes of clothes to donate and 1 bag to toss. Phew!


SO much better!

But, my closet looks awesome now! Just in time to pack it all up 😦

By about 2 pm, we were getting restless so we went to see Minions! Not our best move to go see the matinee showing of a kiddie movie opening weekend–we were the only people without kids there–but it was so funny! Afterwards, we stopped by our godchildren’s house for about an hour and met another set of friends for dinner at their house.

Sunday was significantly less exciting. We filled our day with Tour de France and homework…just a few more weeks until we are done with grad school!

Hope you all had a fun-filled weekend!